Damien Done – Debut Album Announcement

Michigan’s Damien Done is an expert in crafting blighted alternative tracks; driven by influences from rock, post-punk and infusions of pop with a history in music that runs deeply into the 90’s hardcore scene.

Damien returns on the 18th of February with his first full length album Charm Offensive, which promises to be a ten track expedition into the solemn perplexities of Damien Drone thoughts. With nods towards Tears For Fears, Billy Idol and Echo & The Bunnymen Charm Offensive is crafted with depth and complexity, setting itself to be no way simple, but genuinely compelling listening.





“Macho new wave with a sense of humour and self-loathing, the eternally clever Damien Done has taken post-hardcore to an all new level, channelling what feels like Joy Division, Nick Cave and 80s’ pop all distorted through his own unique lens.” – Dwid Hellion of Cleveland’s Integrity

Charm Offensive will be released through Los Angeles label Mind Of Matter Records on February 18th, for more information and to hear Damien’s previous EP’s check out:
Find Damien on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

To check out more from Mind Over Matter Records, check out their Facebook



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