Saskia Steene Faulkner – Tides Single Review

In a softly spoken and poignantly emotive two and a half minutes Saskia Steene Faulkner explores the way it feels to watch close friends facing personal difficulties in her new single ‘Tides’.

‘Tides’ is intensely melodic from the opening of the track, the backdrop of layers of guitar and strings paint an ethereal picture as the gentle tone of Saskia’s near whimsical voice drifts above the instrumental. After the slow introduction acquaints the listener to Saskia’s unique and gentle vocal, the pace changes. With the change comes an array of quirky hooks which allow ‘Tides’ to run away with itself and dance through it’s theme.

The lyrics of the chorus: “And pushing and tugging and trying to break free, the tides dragging you from me, it’s sucking you under and pulling you away” trip over one another in an immensely catchy manner, as the metaphorical nature of the lyrics intertwine into the pace of the track.

‘Tides’ then becomes adorned in high pitched floating harmonies. Wrapping these ¬†harmonies around the lyrics gives the song an altogether more memorable and touching sound; there’s a certain level of emotion delivered in each layer that when knitted together forge a deeper connection between the sound and the story of the song.

‘Tides’ is a mindful journey where each element of the track has been thoughtfully considered. Easy on the ears and flourishing with originality, Saskia Steene Faulkner has crafted a delicate single steeped in original personality.

Tides is available to buy now from iTunes and can be streamed from Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Napster. Catch Saskia live at The Latest Music Bar in Brighton on 13th September.

Watch the video, directed by Daisy Leigh-Phippard here

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