Weird And Wonderful Words – E.P Review

Weird And Wonderful Words is the brainchild of New Jersey’s Andy Marc, taking on the name as his performance alias. ‘I’ll Have Everything But An Everything’ is his brand new E.P, released on Canada label Birdie Records.

Inspired by “personal relationships with family and friends, and finding solace in moving on and growing older” ‘I’ll Have Anything But An Everything’ is a four track escapade into Andy’s experiences, laying out his honest thoughts and opinions over layers of DIY infused offbeat instrumentals.

Falling nicely into the no longer quite so niche indie-emo-punk hybrid genre, the E.P will please fans looking for rough around the edges style music with emotive teeth. In tone second and third tracks, ‘High Fives All Round’ and ‘Holy Cannoli’ reminds me of walking home in the rain after a doomed conversation. The tracks skirt along the balance of desperation and frustration, with irregular beats, angry riffs, and some well- placed gang vocals (I love a gang vocal.)

‘I’ll Have Anything But An Everything’ marks a new chapter for Weird And Wonderful Words in his musical journey. “This E.P was born out of trying something I’ve never done before,” he explains “I played acoustically for over 2 years, playing over 100 shows in different parts of the US.”  ‘I’ll Have Anything But An Everything’ is far from acoustic, Andy sought help from friends in the writing and recording of the E.P, accumulating in some heavy fast paced riffs, varying percussion and a gorgeously soft opening instrumental track ‘The Boy With The Golden Toe’. In fact, some of my highlights on this E.P are rooted in the intricacies of the instrumental breakdowns. “I always wanted to create a full band experience and have some of my best friends involved along the way,” Andy explains “this record is exactly that. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life. I think that what this record is all about.”
Closing track ‘Wall Kicks Will Work’ is a bouncing track, bringing the E.P to a close with a slightly lighter sounding tone. Though still entwined with lyrics which explore dark themes, there’s a distinctive feeling this song would be the crowd pleaser at shows. Again, instrumentally there’s a great range of sounds, with a softer building breakdown taking the song from 2:00-3:00 minutes, and drawing the E.P to a raw and natural sounding close.

Check out Weird and Wonderful Words on bandcamp here

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