The E.D Fowler Band “Anxiety” – Single Review

“Anxiety” the brand new single from Brighton’s E.D Fowler Band delves into layers of emotions; providing a track that is as open for personal interpretation as it’s name suggests.

“Anxiety” begins with a rolling angsty beat, the distinct vocals of Ed Fowler sounding rife with intent. It’s a defiant and memorable start, edging close to a surly confrontational snarl. Just as I grew certain the track would remain solid with anger in it’s entire deliverance a wonderfully placed moment of silence allows for a far more intricately emotive pre-chorus to build.

The irregular beat and strong building guitar allows for a notion of elevation in the instrumental, the pattern and context of this feeling is mirrored in the lyrics. The delivery and content of the words provide an interesting mix of reflection on anxiety itself and Ed Fowler’s own personal experiences with it. As well as singing about “me” he also references the wider audience singing about “us’, the inclusiveness of the audibly heartfelt statements leave a strong memorable impression.

The emotive power of ‘anxiety’ as a word breaks through as a short and beautifully concise chorus, making way for a pre-verse instrumental to match up to the tone and feeling.

The four minute track is littered with catchy hooks, Fowler’s voice displaying an incredible vocal and emotional range which is entirely consistent in it’s integrity. There’s a fantastic fist in the air style breakdown at the three minute mark shortly followed by a poignant and delectably angry use of ‘fuck’ within the lyrics (one of my personal favourite features in any song).

“Anxiety” is an anthem for a dark sweaty room full of people as much as it’s a desperate lone bedroom meltdown, it’s a resounding battle cry against our internal antagonists. Most importantly however, “Anxiety” is a song dripping with genuine, powerful emotion with several moments of pure, heart-wrenching beauty.

Watch the video for “Anxiety” here.
The E.D Fowler Band are made up of lead singer and guitarist Ed Fowler, bassist Helen Anderson and drummer David Gridley. They formed in 2016 and were signed to Swear Down Records in May 2017.
“Anxiety” is available to buy on iTunes
Find out more about The E.D Fowler Band, including upcoming tour dates, here.

Article photo credit – Rosie Powell

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