I’ve Been Meaning To Listen To…

Today I brushed upon my ‘My Shazam’ library.
I think most of us have one. It’s the list of songs made up from hearing something when on the move or at an event, collected with the complete intention of listening once returned home. Only by the time I return home I’ve done at least a hundred other things and the action of holding my phone up to make note of that interesting track has been completely wiped from my mind. I have thirty songs just waiting to be investigated, but for today I will have a quick listen to five of them.

1.) Suggestions – Orelia Has Orchestra
This is a soft track full of ethereal sounds and simple connotations with thoughts of loss and feeling faded, both within the instrumentals and the lyrics. It’s got a very relaxed kind of vibe, but all in all it’s just a bit too simple to really get your teeth into. Without the backdrop of an emotive scene in Pretty Little Liars (definitely where I heard this one originally) it certainly looses the emotional impact.

2.) Altered State – Teddy Thompson
Teddy Tompson’s sublime vocal opens this song softly and steadily, with the guitar breaking through into a truly strong chorus, which hits that perfect middle-ground of upbeat melancholy. The instrumental is easy on ears and uplifting, whilst the lyrics reveal feelings all too many of us can relate to. Teddy Thompson is the son of legendary guitarist Richard Thompson and singer Linda Thompson and talent clearly runs deep in their family.

3.) Hiding My Heart – Brandi Carlile
This is a heartfelt folk song, driven by it’s clear narrative delivered through Brandi’s soulful vocal. The poignant love story is reflected both in the lyrics and the simple melody, making for a truly compelling and elegant track. The understated beauty of the song comes through in harmonious truths, delivered with such honesty that it’s almost impossible to listen to without being struck by the genuine emotion.

4.) 1955 – Hilltop Hoods
Hilltop Hoods have been on the Australian hip-hop scene for nearly two decades, and 1955 is a testament to this. It’s sunny lighthearted track, rife with addictive feel-good hooks. There’s no aggression, it’s a smooth number celebrating small town living delivered with a strong beat and a memorable chorus, the perfect summer afternoon drinking song. The outstanding element of this track come in the vocal additions of Montaigne, her harmonies and chorus are supremely catchy and give this song a memorable, pop influenced touch.

5.) Nothing’s As It Seems – Gordi
There is a light airy feel in Gordi’s echoing layers of vocals and this track uses a variety of sounds to make something which blurs between indie-pop and electronic-folk. Her voice is reminiscent of Imogen Heap, drifting through the song and giving a gorgeous contrast over the sharp instrumental back-drop. It’s a pure, near innocent sounding track, and it’s only on closer inspection that the depth of the lyrics can be interpreted to form a shadow over the seemingly calm and positive feeling it evokes.


(These tracks came to me in a variety of ways however credit must be given for 1955 to James, who always has the best light, smile-evoking driving playlists and Altered State to Jake, a person with a consistently eclectic pool of music to share.)

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