January – February Playlist

I made one new years resolution. I usually don’t have much faith in them (after never keeping a single one before), but this time I truly hope things will be different.

I’m going to attempt to add a small selection of new artist’s albums to a playlist and make that the predominant thing I listen to each month. In class this week, we touched on the idea that playlists could be killing bands. I don’t remember the last time I truly go to know an album and I want to change that.

It’s one of the reasons music is so exciting (and possibly comforting). Knowing an album inside out, hearing the lyrics and feeling every instrument lets it take on a personal context just for you. It might end up as a snapshot of a period of your life, or soundtrack to a high or low point, but connection is something that’s understated and very important about music.

Holy Ghost – Modern Baseball
Modern Baseball were one of the bands I moved up to after leaving my golden age of emo (2001 – 2014) behind me. They’re just as pissed off at the world as all those beautiful boys in eyeliner were but they don’t want to dress it up – which I think is what gives them an appeal to a fair few fans.

Holy Ghost is their third full length album and they’re touring the UK in February.

.Mom Jeans – Best Buds
Mom Jeans (hailing from Berkeley, California) released their debut album in 2016. The band are from Berkeley,  California. I listened to this back in autumn and really enjoyed what I heard. I think I found them through endless ‘related artists’ on YouTube and stopped to listen to the first four or five songs on the album, which is a rare thing. When I listen to this now, it makes me picture a manageable kind of dysfunctional relationship.  Or even the morning after an all-night party, where people are sat around in a pleasant, relaxed state of acceptance.

The Hotelier –Goodness and It Never Goes Out
I’ve heard The Hotelier named on several occasions, but until now have never given them any time. I can’t say anything more because I don’t think I’ve listened to even one of their songs, but I’ve seen they have connections and friendship with some of the other bands I like so I have high hopes.

Beach Slang – A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feeling and Broken Thrills
Another name that I have been meaning to look up for a while. Beach Slang formed in 2013 in Pennsylvania and since then they’ve made a fairly recognisable name for themselves in the post-post emo circuit.

PUP – PUP and The Dream Is Over
PUP have been gathering momentum for a long while, and are breaking through from being predominantly a support band when visiting the UK and Europe to holding larger headline shows of their own. Canadian punk at its finest, PUP have found a halfway sound nestled between skater anthems and open book raw emotion and they fit very well there. After seeing the band tear up The Joiners in Southampton I listened to Reservoir and Lionheart (from their self-titled debut) heavily in 2014 so I’m excited to see how they’ve developed.

PUP are on tour in the UK supporting The Wonder Years with Tiny Moving Parts next month.

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