Gerard Way – Brixton Academy 23/01/2015

I had never been on my own to a London show before, and as I woke up on the coach pulling into Victoria station I was slightly apprehensive. Would the show be worth spending all day in the freezing cold? Would I get a good spot in the crowd? Could it possibly top Wednesday night? Yes. One million times yes.

I was on the barrier again (thank you concert gods) to the left hand side of the large curved stage. The atmosphere in the room was a lot more tense than Southampton, there was pushing and elbows flying all over the place. Sadly the girls behind me were the only thing that let the night down, loudly complaining and making bitchy comments about my hair (which I had already apologized for as soon as people stood behind me, dreadlocks are tickle-y I know) and shouting at a boy on the barrier for being too tall, as if he could help it.

All the members of No Devotion have experience of playing to large crowds in their previous bands, so it’s no surprise to see how comfortable they look as they take to the stage. That doesn’t change the appreciation in the big grins on their faces when people sing along and start moving.

By 9pm the excitement level in the room is critical, The Hormones take to the stage and the standard ear piercing scream is let out from every female in the room. Gerard walks on stage, smiling, and embarks into new track ‘Cheap Lights.’. It’s a slow number and the room is quiet captivated as Gerard showcases his vocal ability. Just as ‘Cheap Lights’ sedated the crowd, ‘Kid Nothing’ rallies them up for action. “Say my name, say my name! I’m Kid Nothing!” Gerard screams, strutting around the stage, newly dyed silver hair reflecting the lights.

Hesitant Alien gets played in full, along with 2 more new songs ‘Television All The Time’ and ‘Piano Jam (Ambulance)’. The stage gets showered in fake flowers from the crowd at the close of ‘Juarez’ to which Gerard laughs, “Oh this is awesome, you guys are awesome.”

“This one’s about my brother, who I miss very much” he smiles and grabs the microphone, instructing the crowd to sing along to fan-favourite ‘Brother;’. The room erupts, and the atmosphere is truly magical. Gerard looks at right at home on this big stage, but he also seems ever so slightly awestruck at just how many faces are screaming back the words to his new material.

Gerard speaks to the room in-between songs, both light-hearted and solemnly, he dances all over the stage, takes time to embrace the room around him, spreading support and love to all of his fans. It’s the last night of his run of the UK, and he promises he’s going to record an album and be back as soon as he can before leaving the stage to 2014 single ‘No Shows’. It was a special night, which is perhaps why Gerard and The Hormones bounded back on for not one but two encores, closing the set with a cover of ‘Snakedriver’ by Jesus and The Mary Chain.

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